Save the Groom

CSI Save the Groom is an interactive Detective game played on smartphones.

What's the Story

The Groom has been kidnapped! Lez Lizard wants to turn his club the Lusty Leppard into a wedding venue. It really is a sleazy dump though…

Lez tried to force the groom into booking his venue for thewedding but when the groom refused, Lez kidnapped him and is now looking for acancellation fee of 60k!

Lez couldn't have done this byhimself, we believe he had some help, you need to find his accomplice.‍
You will see the suspects dotted around the city on your map, you must find andinterrogate them to get as much information as possible to solve the crime.Work together to decipher the riddles and crack the codes.

Can you Save the Groom in time for the wedding?

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